Combines the beauty of Utopia® Dianella with the toughness of Cassa Blue® Dianella.

• The Clarity Blue™ plant is a cross between Dianella caerulea Cassa Blue® and Dianella prunina Utopia®.
• It is much tougher and better performing than Utopia® Dianella with a clear blue colour.
• Clarity Blue™ Dianella forms a nice clump like Cassa Blue® Dianella and has showy flower stems like Utopia® Dianella.
• It keeps cleaner foliage and handles periodic wet feet and humidity better than Utopia® Dianella.
• Best planted in free draining soils like all blue foliage Dianella plants, or in raised gardens with heavier soil types. Avoid prolonged wet feet.

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