Casuarina Cousin It is a marvellously versatile ground cover with surprising strength. Highly adaptable, it works as a weed suppressant and helps to control soil erosion – a great addition to any landscape project.

Seen all over Australia from southern Queensland to Tasmania and Western Australia, this variety will compliment gardens and create a very trendy style with a real design flare.

The long, slim branches create a spreading habit that will cover large areas quickly, hiding just about anything from unappealing drainage pipes, stumps and other ground obstacles. If positioned correctly, Cousin It will also cascade and spill over embankments, retaining walls and rockeries, creating a spectacular effect.

Cousin It has little to no maintenance requirements and is tolerant of a wide range of soil types. Casuarina glauca has been found in estuarine swaps and tidal flats, proving its tolerance to poorly drained soils.

Height 30cm

Width Up to 2m

Planting Position 1m apart for full coverage

Uses Mass plantings, ground cover, rockeries, retaining walls and embankments

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