Din San Nursery offers a range of bare root stock during May to August, including weeping, fruiting and ornamental trees.

Bareroot trees and shrubs are harvested when dormant and sold without soil or the need for pots. During winter, trees will go into a dormant state due to the colder weather, with most dropping their leaves. Bareroot stock can survive without soil and water for a short period but must be planted as soon as possible to allow the stock the best possible chance at establishing itself before summer. There are many advantages to buying bare root stocks, including price – the lack of packing keeps overheads down – ease of transport and planting.

If you are planning to purchase bare root stock you need to consider your planting options in advance. Preparation for transplanting should be done before your stock arrives. The ground in which your stock will be transplanted should be prepared appropriately for field grown stock. If planting in pots, the correct size and type of pot are essential to ensure your bare root stock has room to grow. The right soil mix is important and should be prepared ahead of time.  Soil mix will be determined by the type of bare root stock you have purchased.

The first two weeks after planting will be the most crucial to survival. So keep your plant material properly irrigated. Additional shade and wind protection may benefit certain species. Talk to the Staff at Din San for information regarding proper preparation and care to ensure your bare root stock the best chance of survival.

Din San’s Bareroot stock varieties include:

Fruiting Cherry Trees
Prunus – weeping and standards
Upright Cherry Trees

Images (top to bottom): Prunus – fruiting cherry trees; Pyrus; Prunus – weeping and standards.

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