With awareness increasing about the repercussions of the heat island effect and the importance of suitable plantings within our urban spaces, Botanix Plant Supply is growing an extensive range of trees that are well adapted for this purpose. 

One such tree is Acacia pendula, also known as Weeping Myall. Quick to establish and long-lived, Acacia pendula is a useful small tree that is approximately 10m(h) x 6m(w).

Native to areas of minimal rainfall west of the dividing range, Acacia pendula grows naturally from South Australia, Northern Victoria, through western NSW and into southwestern parts of QLD.

Acacia pendula is extremely adaptable to a range of soil types and has wide environmental tolerances, including being able to withstand periods of drought and frost. While preferring free drawing alluvial soils, Acacia pendula also grows in heavy clays.

Acacia pendula has extensive uses as a shade tree in parklands or as street trees where extremely hardy and uniform specimens are desired.

The silver-green foliage colour and gently weeping pendulous habit of Acacia pendula, also makes it a welcome feature among the monotony of greens often found in our urban landscapes.

Botanix Plant Supply is currently growing Acacia pendula in 35L air-pruned pots and is looking at extending their availability to 70L pot sizes in 2020.

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