Benedict produces a core range of sand based products and specialty sand blends. These products are produced at our quarry and recycling facilities to meet customer and industry specifications for applications including but not limited to:

  • Water and sewerage pipe bedding sand
  • Storm water and civil construction beddings sands
  • Cement stabilised natural and recycled bedding sand
  • Brick sands and thermal resistive sand (electrical)
  • Washed fine/medium and crushed concrete sand blends

Benedict materials are produced, tested both internally and through NATA certified laboratories to ensure conformance to specification. What sets Benedict apart from the competition is out ability to combine both recycled and natural materials, thus creating sustainable solutions for recycled materials saving on natural reserves whilst creating competitive and unique product solution for our customers.


Bedding sand is mainly produced from concrete, brick and natural sand. By blending these hard, durable inert materials we are able to achieve specified technical characteristics. We make bedding sand to meet the industry standards, RMS R11 type BH and SO and AS2758, as well as specific customer requirements.


Benedict quarries are well recognised as manufactures of quality, well graded and clean washed sand, specifically produced and tested to meet the industry standards for use in manufacturing of pre mix concrete and asphalt mixes. This sand can also be used in many other application due to the materials grading and low silt levels.

Brick Sand

Benedict produces and supplies a range of brick sands as both Mittagong Sands and Appin Sands Quarry sites. These sands are produced in the main colours, white and yellow.  The critical aspects to ensure quality is the control of colour and clay/silt (fat) in the sand. 


Benedict produce and supply a range of drainage sands for various applications. These materials are produced from natural material by washing, screening and blending. Drainage sand typically will be well graded with minimal silt and fine particle thereby allowing the material to drain freely under compaction. These drainage sands can be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Around drainage agriculture lines
  • Drainage applications for sports fields
  • Drainage layers in planter boxes and various other horticultural applications
  • Paving Sand

Specialty Sand is also available on request

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