Benedict has been supplying large sandstone and basalt rock, as well as the smaller sized sandstone and basalt spalls into the Sydney market for many years.

Sandstone Rock is commonly used for solid stacked retaining walls, water abutment for creek beds, car park barriers for sports fields and feature rocks in landscape. Basalt Armour Rock is usually targeted for seawall and watercourse construction, due to its superior physical and chemical durability.

Sandstone Spalls look great as a non-structural gabion basket filler and are popular as creek bed and bank lining. They are also good for use as bridging layers in new estates where rising water is a concern.

Basalt Spalls (tested to RMS R55) have long been the material of choice for gabion baskets, and also have been used as chunky decorative aggregate for landscape where a grey coloured material is desired.

River Spalls are sourced either locally from the Sydney and also outside the Sydney Basin. River Spalls are rounded in shape, and come in two general sizes, being 75-150mm and 150-300mm. River Spalls are also called “Lucky Stones” in the industry.

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