Benedict has the ability to manufacture speciality blends for any landscape or civil project. They also have an established range of quality assured materials to suit all customers’ needs and budgets.

Benedict’s Native Organic Garden Mixes and Subsoils, Planter Box Mixes, Structural Soils, Wetland Media and Bio-retention Filter Media, have been created using high-quality materials, and have been tested to meet the requirements of industry standards.


Planter Box media needs to be lightweight, free draining and non-slumping to assure it offers a reliable growing media for the immediate future, and for years to come. Our planter box mixes are based on high-quality mineral matter that creates a structural framework that is not subject to decomposition. This overcomes problems with slumping and the resulting loss in aeration and drainage efficiency.


Whatever your specification and budget, Benedict has a mix to suit your project. Whether it’s an on-grade garden installation on a high-end residential project in Vaucluse or a large scale factory landscape project at Eastern Creek, Benedict has a blend for you.


These blends have been developed to fulfil the markets requirement for quality assured materials needed for specialist applications. Speciality Blends include our trusted Benedict’s SmartMix® Range, as well as our Bio-retention Profile of Materials. To obtain the latest test result or for more information about our products please contact our sales office on 02 9986 3500, or email 

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