All Stakes Supply is your one-stop shop for geotextile filter fabrics and erosion control matting. Our broad range of products includes Jute and Coir Matting (to protect young trees and shrubs from weeds, assist in plant establishment and reduce erosion control); Jute Matting Squares (slitted square mat sizes for individual trees); and many other geotextile products to suit all types of erosion control and landscaping projects.

Geotextiles are filter fabrics that are used to stabilise loose soil and increase stability from wind and water erosion. Made from synthetic and natural fibres, geotextiles help in the filtering, separation, and drainage of water from the soil.Geotextiles can be woven, non-woven, or knitted. All these different fabric compositions are suitable and can be used in various applications.

Geotextiles are mainly used in civil engineering, agricultural and erosion control applications. It has been proven to stabilise locations such as roads, railroads, canals, construction sites, coastal engineering, and dams.

Tried and tested for site and erosion control applications, geotextile facilitates environmental stability, improving soil strength and controlling soil erosion.

Benefits of Geotextile Filter Fabrics include:

  • Serves as a barrier and filtration
  • Stabilisation of soil
  • Consistent
  • Cost-effective
  • Longevity of structure

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Images (top to bottom): Filter Tube; Advanced Jute Matting; Coir Matting; and Jute Matting.

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