by EverEdge

Provide metal edging around trees and shrubs to define your garden and protect your new or mature trees with EverEdge Garden Rings.

EverEdge garden rings can be created easily using two or three lengths of EverEdge steel edging – depending on how big you want the ring.

Simply slot together the 1 metre lengths required to create the desired size and bend by hand to form a circle. Once the circle has been achieved slot the two meeting edges together to hold the shape. Once placed in position, hammer the edging into the ground.

For additional strength, it is advisable to drill a hole in the overlapped join and insert a screw or boil to ensure the join doesn’t slip apart with the pressure of the bend.

Two 1 metre lengths of edging make a circle of 600mm in diameter. Three 1 metre lengths of edging make a 900m circle.

Other shapes such as squares and triangles can also be created just as easily. The robust teeth of the ring ensure that, once in the ground, the ring is well secured and will provide a perfect metal edging for trees or shrubs.

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Visit www.everedge.com.au
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