Hills Bark Blower installed 400 cubic meters of Environ Fines mulch at the new Kirkham Rise estate for Rodmar Landscapes.

Illustrating how attractive functional catchment areas can become in a new development with the right treatment, the Bark Blower team worked hard to develop the functional multi-purpose area.

A private and peaceful oasis located near Narellan, south of Sydney, Kirkham Rise estate incorporates over 7km of walking trails and cycleways winding through picturesque parks gently integrated into the beautiful bushland surrounds.

Conservation areas, informal woodland parks, onsite dams and swales all create an idyllic environment at Kirkham Rise, with the onsite pond the perfect catchment area to provide a habitat for fauna and a good base for the local flora. While attractive for the residents, the catchment area also provides an important water management function for the estate, so to retain the natural look of the area Hills Bark Blower’s Eniviro Fines mulch was utilised.

An attractive and cost effective choice, Enviro Fines consists of recycled timbers that are processed and screened to create a consistent look. Enviro Fines is sustainable, aesthetically appealing, and a proven performer when it comes to inhibiting weeds and acting as a moisture retention agent for the landscape.

Client: Rodmar Landscapes
Site: Kirkham Rise
Product: 400m³ Enviro Fines Mulch

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