Chifley Business Park is a 37-hectare estate encompassing 130,000 sqm of office and industrial business space. The estate is located 21km from Melbourne CBD and is adjacent to Moorabbin Airport. The masterplanned estate offers customers onsite amenities including a gym, cafe and childcare centre.

Plants supplied by Din San Nurseries include:

Shrubs & Grasses

  • Phormium tenax 'Bronze Baby' (Purple Dwarf flax)
  • Gazania rigens (Grey Leaf Gazania)
  • Doryanthes excelsa (Gymea Lily)
  • Dietes grandiflora (Wild Iris)
  • Trachelospermum jasminioides (Chinese Star Jasmine)
  • Murraya paniculata (Orange Jassemine)
  • Lomandra longifolia 'Tanika'
  • Agapanthus orientalis 'Alba Dwarf'
  • Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise)
  • Rosa Flower Carpet (White Flower Carpet)


  • Platanus orientalis (Oriental Plane Tree)
  • Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese Elm)
  • Corymbia ficifolia (Albany Red Flowering Gum)
  • Angophra costata (Smooth Bark Apple Gum)
  • Betula pendula alba (Silver Birch)

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