With Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces, you’re guaranteed safe and fun playgrounds.A Soft Fall surface is one which is designed to absorb impact from falls and protect against injury in a playground environment. It can be made from foam or rubber layers with the Synthetic Grass surface.

Each piece of playground equipment will have its own free-fall height measure and its own soft fall perimeter.

Playground manufacturers may stipulate what soft fall is required. However, if this has not been provided, due to our extensive experience in this area, we are able to calculate the necessary requirements on your behalf and will guarantee the surface’s compliance.

Our Synthetic Grass and Rubber soft fall systems confirm to Australian Standard ASNZ4422:1996 and are certified soft fall surfaces. Following installation by our team of expert installers, we will issue a compliance certificate.

Not sure if your existing playground meets the legal requirements?

We can carry out testing and make any necessary recommendations to ensure compliance.

Where no playground equipment has been installed, wear layers using Synthetic Grass can be used in place of soft fall. This can help to manage your budget as effectively as possible.

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