The HDA60 ashtray is a heavy duty post ashtray manufactured from 1.3mm thick Stainless Steel. It includes a keyed push lock and internal liner.

Using an enclosed liner and small opening, the HDA60 Ashtray is an excellent Windproof Ashtray.

DOSmith manufacture and distribute a large range of ashtrays for public spaces.

The DOSmith range of Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays includes:

  • Outdoor Ashtrays
  • Windproof Ashtrays
  • Stainless Steel Ashtrays
  • Post Ashtrays
  • Wall Ashtrays 

All DOSmith Indoor and Outdoor Ashtrays are easily emptied and cleaned, and most come with removable and lockable Ashtray Liners.

There is a DOSmith Indoor or Outdoor Ashtray to suit your requirement.

DOSmith Ashtrays are attractive, tough, dependable and secure.

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