Brilliant aluminium casting work takes patience, skill and expertise to accomplish.
The results can be magnificent and extremely effective when applied to practical Street Furniture product designs.
Darrin Carr, Furphy Foundry's production co-ordinator explains, "Casting is more of an art form than a job. We have perfected the process of casting aluminium over many years."
"Because we've been doing this for so long, Furphy's have acquired a huge selection of original mould designs - some of them are really intricate and detailed while others are very clean and modern."
The aluminium used at Furphy Foundry is recycled. It is a truly sustainable cycle and a key benefit.
"Generally speaking, most of our modern products are a combination of cast-aluminium, steel and hardwood slats. We manufacture our products to ensure each stage of the process is complimentary to the next - from casting right through to assembly and packaging we're all co-operating."
As well as being durable, cast-aluminium is also relatively light-weight - making it easy to work with and maintain.

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