Cattana Wetlands, 20km north of Cairns, which started out as a sugarcane farm and sand mining quarry, has since been rehabilitated to form an enjoyable 80ha nature conservation park.

The wetlands feature a 420m boardwalk through a feather palm forest, freshwater and saltwater lakes and abundant plant and birdlife.

In 2017, the Regional Council approved a range of improvement to the Wetland, including new walking trails, viewing areas, wetlands and improved signage.

Within the improvement plan were several identified ‘pause locations’ where viewing rails, screens or seats would be installed.

Furphy Foundry was called upon to supply several of their popular Promenade Seats to be installed in these pause locations.

Made with cast aluminium construction and stainless-steel legs, the Promenade is an ideal choice for this harsh environment.

As part of the $1.5 million rehabilitation project, Furphy also provided Promenade picnic settings and Avenue Litter Receptacles, with hardwood slats.

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