Furphy Foundry’s new stainless-steel removable bollard combines security and safety; strong security thanks to 125NB CHS stainless steel and efficient safety for pedestrians whenever the bollard is removed.

The innovative design of the inground component removes all risks and trip-hazards for pedestrians when the bollard is removed. All that is left on the ground is a flat, solid surface, with no moving parts and no padlock.

This makes the Furphy stainless steel removable bollard the ideal solution for busy areas areas, especially when the bollards may need to be removed.

Most other similar products on the market rely on hinges, springs and caps, which can be easily damaged or broken. The cap on Furphy Foundry’s bollard is permanent, regardless if the bollard is in or not, and has no moving parts.

This is a unique offering in today’s marketplace and has been carefully crafted in the iconic Furphy Foundry in Shepparton.

The keylock is located 50mm above the ground, securing the bollard in place with a twist – no fuss.

Installing the bollard is a simple process. The top plate is removed with anti-vandal screws, and drainage holes are at the base of the bollard base for drainage. Any debris can be easily removed with a high-pressure air hose.

As part of Furphy Foundry’s Impact and Community Protection range of street furniture, the stainless-steel removable bollard represents a big step forward and a safer alternative.

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