by Terrain Group Pty Ltd

Terrain Group partnered with award-winning construction company, Unique Urban Built, to add new seating and bins at the Quorn swimming pool in Quorn, South Australia.

Lacking in seating for swimmers and spectators, Quorn’s swimming pool wasn’t a place people could relax and spend their time. Apart from a couple of small benches, there was nowhere for people to sit.

The project’s goal was to add more seating that blended together and looked consistent. The Flinders Ranges Council chose a number of Terrain’s products – the Caloundra setting, Access Table setting, Spectator bench, 3 in 1 Combo, Platform bench, and Bayside bin enclosure. Crafted for durability, all 6 products are modern and fit beautifully into the space, providing great visual appeal.

The Caloundra, for example, offers a squared-setting design with a four plank, square table and single plank benches. The Access Table setting boats thick, extruded aluminium planks with two double plank benches and curved-for-comfort front planks. The 3 in 1 Combo table setting is simple in design yet well-crafted using aluminium-extruded planks with an anodised finish for easy graffiti removal.

Terrain worked alongside both the contractor and council to supply the entire furniture sets, ready to be assembled. The products successfully complimented the pool and surrounding area. Since the upgrade, Quorn’s swimming pool has been transformed into a great swimming centre, which has become extremely popular in the summer months.

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