The Prospect range is based on our competition winning designs for the Western Sydney Parklands Trust. The products have now been rolled out to a number of parkland projects under the control of the Western Sydney Parklands Trust, including Lizard Log, Shale Hills, Plough and Harrow and Bungarribee. The collection includes; seats, benches, tables, bollards, bike racks, bin enclosures and drinking fountains, featuring robust materials and striking asymmetrical forms which reflect the natural Australian landscape, as well as contemporary architectural trends.

Prospect Block Range

This range is characterised by its solid, concrete block base which firmly connects the product to the ground both physically and symbolically – the concrete being an extension of the ground from which it emerges. Coupled to the concrete block is a substantial, cantilevered steel beam which supports the hardwood or DuraSlat™ surfaces. The entire structure is robust, durable and requiring little to no maintenance and well suited to high usage parks and recreational areas.

Prospect Truss Range

This range is visually lighter than the Block range using an interlaced steel structure effectively creating a truss that at once anchors the product to the ground and provides cantilevered support for the seat or table plane. Though lighter in appearance the Truss range, by virtue of the heavy gauge of steel used and the simple construction involving only two materials is strong and robust and well suited to streets and parks where supervision is minimal.

Prospect Drinking Fountain

The Prospect Drinking Fountain is a unique contemporary design providing comfortable access for persons of all abilities. The marine grade stainless steel frame is electro polished then further hand polished to a mirror finish which offers the highest level of corrosion resistance, making it suitable for the most extreme environments. Its features include a custom designed, all abilities bubbler button (tested and developed exclusively by Botton + Gardiner), a self-filling dog bowl and a grate over the drainage outlet. The unit may be configured with one or all of these features.

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