Benzini has left its mark on the recently opened Shellharbour Civic Hub with products that blends art with practicality to meet the community’s needs. ADCO Constructions commission Benzini to create two types of precast concrete seats for the Civic Square.

Round seats were cast in rubber moulds patterned with intricate Indigenous designs, adding a unique, artful twist. They were made in a range of sizes to suite both children and adults.

Benzini also created straight and curved seats. Instead of pouring the concrete into patterned moulds, they added sleek timber battens that add warmth and colour to the whole area. The two shapes allow these seats to be installed along a curved lawn and adding another design element to this shared space.

These seats are a place for the community to gather and rest in the fresh outdoors. They are durable and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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