The Park Pro range of barbecues has been manufactured in Australia since 1978 and is proudly today still being built locally.

Featuring a selection of electric, LPG and natural gas hotplate options, the range also offers the largest commercial barbecue plate size currently available in Australia.

Along with all the qualities and features expected in a unit designed for unattended public use, Park Pro hotplates are one of the very few units on the market that can be supplied with your choice of push-button, key or coin operation.

The hotplates can be fitted into a range of cabinet configurations or supplied as an independent unit for custom built-in or brick-in projects. All cabinets come with commercial 304-grade stainless steel benchtops and stainless steel or powder-coated cladding in a wide range of colour options. Stainless steel benchtops can also be supplied separately.

With local manufacture comes the possibility to build customised benchtops along with custom cabinet configurations and sizes. PARKQUIP have vast experience in working with clients on customised designs for both new projects and retro-fit installations.

All cabinet barbecues are delivered fully assembled and ready to be bolted into place for quick and easy installation onsite.

Available cabinet and hotplate configuration options:

  • Park Pro Queen Plate BBQ for custom built-in projects
  • Park Pro King Plate BBQ for custom built-in projects
  • Park Pro T-Style Pedestal with single hotplate
  • Park Pro Deluxe Pedestal with single hotplate
  • Park Pro Cube Cabinet with single hotplate
  • Park Pro Single Cabinet with single hotplate
  • Park Pro Double Cabinet with single or double hotplates
  • Park Pro Extra-Large Single Cabinet with single hotplate, sink & tap
  • Park Pro Extra-Large Double Cabinet with double hotplates, sink & tap
  • Custom made cabinet and hotplate configurations available, with or without sink & tap

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