All materials used for the construction of the new Furphy Barbecue range are chosen for their durability and strength – from the aluminium frames to the stainless steel benches and cooktops.

Tested by an independent authority accredited by NATA, the Intuitive Cooking Control used in the Furphy Barbecues, teamed with the one-piece 444-grade stainless steel hot plate, heats up more quickly and delivers impressively consistent heat over time. No more stewing steaks in the park.

Available in three models, suitable for a variety of environments, the barbecues are designed to reduce cleaning and maintenance times thanks to the unique waste bag assembly, standard with every barbecue.

With all electricals protected within an IP65-rated enclosure, cleaners can use high-pressure water equipment with confidence, and potentially save hours every year.

Coming with a five year structural and two-year electrical warranty, the Furphy Park BBQ Range is distributed exclusively by Landmark Products Australia-wide.

All models are available in single plate, double plate and plate/sink combinations:

Evolve | Where colour and design options are the priority

Premium | The choice for harsher, corrosive environments, where toughness is the priority

Access | Same tough build as Premium, but also giving full accessibility to people using wheelchairs

Drop-in/custom | All benefits of the Furphy Intuitive Cooking System retrofitted or for custom build

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