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Terrain Group provides a number of outdoor solutions for clients that incorporate distinctive environmental design with outstanding value. One line of products that Terrain Groups supplies is outdoor restrooms and toilet buildings.  Sourced through Modus Australia, these buildings are low maintenance and robust facilities that are of a high quality and suitable for cyclonic areas. Below are a few of the more specialised types of facilities Terrain Group offers.


Atlantis combines a shade shelter with toilet facilities in a contemporary design.

  • Provides shade area
  • Capable of large spans
  • Easy to clean
  • Skillion roof design
  • Accommodates 1-3 cubicles

The Atlantis Building conveniently incorporates a toilet and shade shelter suitable to fit in a wide range of applications. Its contemporary design style compliments a wide range of environments.


Whitehaven is designed principally for beach and foreshore applications but its multiple facilities make it suitable for many other applications. Its unique flared roof and central gutter works well for water catchment.

The building can be configured to specific requirements including perforated panels on the front elevation which can be customised to any theme. The overall building design achieves a relaxed look and integrates nicely into coastal holiday destinations.


Byron delivers classic form with a gable roof and trimming, designed to fit well in traditional surroundings.

  • Traditionally designed
  • Robust
  • Easy to clean
  • Open verandah
  • Multiple Cubicles
  • Tailored and flexible configuration

This design has been a very popular building, due to its traditional looks integrating well with the architecture in many regions around Australia. As a larger multi-functional building, it is often configured with a service area, which minimises vandalism and cleaning maintenance by removing the cisterns from the cubicles. This is a very flexible building size, which can be configured for a mix of uses including toilets, showers, changing rooms and storerooms


The Capricorn Toilet Building sets itself apart with a distinctive concave curved roof line and architectural rolled steelwork, designed to make a bold statement in any environment.

  • Premium and contemporary style
  • Easy to clean
  • Curved roof design
  • Open verandah
  • Accommodates 1-6 Cubicles

The concave curved roof design provides an ideal catchment area for rainwater and is recommended for use with water tanks to capture this valuable resource.

This premium building is offered with aluminium composite internal panelling and upgraded fixtures to stainless steel. The Capricorn building is designed to make a bold statement with its contemporary styling.

All of the above options are available with the following additional extras:

  • Service Area Water
  • Tanks Solar LED
  • Lighting Auto Door
  • Locking options

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