The Greenplate® 300 Matilda Barbecue range comes fully assembled, ready to bolt down with two lockable service doors, gives easy access for cleaning. Shipped in protective crates for ease of installation to reduce costs.

With proper cleaning the bench will retain its as new appearance for many years and has the strength and durability to resist damage.

Each Greenplate® 300 Matilda Barbecue also features:

  • 28-minute timing cycle providing ample cooking time
  • Adjustable 50°C to 320°C cooking temperature
  • 50% Power saving over existing electric barbecues
  • Commercial grade LDX Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 non warping mono pressed cooking plate
  • Each Greenplate® 300 Matilda Inbench unit operates on a single 10-amp circuit with a 20 amp RCBO C-Curve type A located in the mains sub-board as per Australian Standards
  • High visibility L.E.D. on push button switch with audible alarm 1 beep at start and 3 beeps at end of the cooking cycle
  • Standard push and hold button for 5 seconds to turn off
  • Safety Extra Low Voltage operation
  • Over and under voltage protection with consumer reset via push button switch
  • Quick release/install bracket for rapid removal of barbecue in flood or bushfire situations
  • Solar grid connected or standalone barbecues available on request
  • University tested and approved

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