According to the Keep Australia Beautiful Litter Index, Australia’s rates of litter are dropping each year, and it’s encouraging to read that recreation parks are among the cleanest public spaces in the country.

Litter and recycling receptacles no doubt play a large part.

Furphy Foundry produce a comprehensive range of receptacles, with a model to suit any environment or demand, all crafted for long-life, low maintenance and style.

Cast aluminium frames in some models are well suited to high corrosive areas, as is the lower priced galvanised steel. Stainless steel, used in paneling, is also resistant to salt air.

Some of Furphy’s bin enclosures use a combination of steel and hardwood timber slats or wood plastic composite (WPC) to give it a versatile and stylish look.

For public areas that attract large crowds, 240 litre receptacles are more suited than 120 litre.

Lids come in a variety of combinations, designed to keep rain out, but still allow easy disposal of rubbish.

For the recycling receptacle, a rubber hole insert and stainless steel ring is placed on the outside to detract people from placing general waste into the bin and promote placing bottles, cups and other recycled items.

Doors are secured by a 7mm triangle lock, only accessible with a special key.

All Furphy receptacles use a simple bolt down attachment to secure to the ground, or an adjustable brass foot mechanism for uneven or sloping surfaces.

All litter and recycling receptacles can be modified in colour, finish or with the addition of a laser-cut logo, such as a council logo.

Bin enclosures can be secured together, with allocation for specific use: litter, bottle recycle, plastic recycle, paper recycle, doggie litter or many other uses.

Other options include decals, cigarette bins or butt-out plates.

Speak with your local Furphy Project Consultant to discuss other custom designs.

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