Street Furniture Australia partnered with Aspect Studios to build a giant Arc Seat for a residential courtyard.

The seat features a 5.7m internal diameter and sits on a  200mm wide concrete plinth wall. The team worked closely with Co-Ordinated Landscapes and Mirvac in finalising the design.

Glen Smith, Project Manager with Co-Ordinated Landscapes, says many variations in design and materials were considered, with a curved timber seat chosen as the best design. “The warmth created by the timber is inviting,” he says, “The frame, a laser cut black powder-coated stainless steel, provided a neat, robust, unobtrusive sub-structure and allows the curved timber panelled seat to be the centrepiece.

“The solid concrete wall grounds the seat in the landscape and seat backs and arm rests were added for practicality and for the comfort of all residents,” he adds.

The curved design required a complex installation, says Smith, with a high level of quality control.

“The seat was made up of seven individual radius sections with seat panels to cover the wall ends. The segments all went together seamlessly which speaks volumes for the quality of the build and the value of the quality management process,” he says.

To ensure millimetre accuracy the contractor used surveyors, a form-worker with experience in this style of work, and numerous inspection and test points and signoffs along the way.

“Co-Ordinated Landscapes has worked with Street Furniture Australia on numerous other projects over the years. We had confidence in their ability to work with us to resolve any issues and to deliver a project to exceed the client’s expectations in quality.

“We were not disappointed as the team brought a professional approach and were a pleasure to work with.

“Street Furniture Australia has the ability to translate a client’s briefs and design discussions into concept drawings which accurately interpret the client’s intention, with a practical reality relevant for the manufacturing process.”

Harold Park is an urban renewal project in Forest Lodge, a $1.1 billion site with residential housing and 3.8 hectares of public park developed by Mirvac.

The park extends to the Sydney Harbour Foreshore, linking with surrounding suburbs and to Bicentennial, Federal and Jubilee parks, as planned by the City of Sydney and Central Sydney Planning Committee. As the new plants grow into the designer’s vision of a lush retreat, the giant Arc sits as a centrepiece inviting residents to enjoy their private courtyard.

“Throughout the progression of the construction the landscape appeared to morph from a small, busy, cluttered storage area used by the surrounding trades, into a spacious practical green retreat,” says Smith.

“The progress of the development saw the transformation into an inviting green space with various different areas created by level changes and the individual rooms created by the planting design which softened and complimented the surrounding residential apartments.

“We have received feedback that the landscape has been very well received even though the plants are still in their infancy and will continue to grow, creating a richer environment.

“The landscape provides residents with a contrast to their apartment living, opening up lush green spaces with planting and of course the seating.

“The curved seat can facilitate large family groups of up to 15 people, or numerous separate groups occupying their own space and not imposing on other conversations.

“Such a versatile piece of furniture provides a retreat for local residents enhancing their experience of the surrounding landscape.

“The design is a credit to the landscape architects Aspect Studios’ vision and design, along with Street Furniture Australia’s professional and practical approach, and Mirvac’s support and funding resulted in a successful multi-disciplinary team effort.”

Written by StreetChat

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