Urban Fountains and Furniture is a leading supplier of Drinking Fountains in Australia. Urban prides itself on water fountains which are not only multi-purpose, functional and sturdy, but that also look great. Our range of Drinking Fountains is suitable for a whole range of projects, from parks and beach fronts to urban street scapes. Urban will also custom design fountains for individual projects, tailored to your exact needs. 

A280The new Apollo 280 combines all the features, design and versatility of the new BF200 refill fountain with the more traditional features of our standard Apollo range. It comes with the option of the longer basin making the A280 more disabled accessible and user friendly. With its newly designed stainless steel basin and a stainless steel feature front panel, the Apollo 280 is not only practical but very stylish and will complement any contemporary urban streetscape. 

BF200The sleek new BF200 heavy duty steel water bottle filler is the no-brainer solution for today’s bottled-water-consuming lifestyle. It gives the user real, practical access to water to refill their drink bottle without the usual struggle. Easy, convenient and with optional filter, the BF200 helps to reduce the production of plastic drink containers by encouraging reuse. 

A900The Apollo 900 is a new sleek designed stainless steel fountain with a uniquely tapered body and integrated basin. It is durable and vandal resistant like all our outdoor disabled accessible fountains. After listening to our customer’s feedback, the Apollo 900 is the “big brother” of the Apollo 300 keeping many of the practical functionalities with just a new and improved body design. 

A880The sleek new Apollo 880 stainless steel fountain features a uniquely curved angled body like no other design in the current market. Like all of Urban’s outdoor disabled accessible fountains, it is durable and vandal resistant. The Apollo 880 is the “big sister” of the Apollo 800, and follows on from that popular design. It retains many of the practical functionalities of that model with just a newer, more dynamic body design. 

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