The team at Urban+ Fountains and Furniture understand all outdoor spaces are unique so they offer a full custom design service to cater to individual needs. They have built a reputation on solving any technical, functional or design challenges for projects of all sizes. As Australian designers and manufacturers of fountains and street furniture, the team have perfected their craft through our fabrication process, functionality, and durability.

General Features & Benefits of Range

The Urban Design Process:

Urban+ offer stage by stage consultation and feedback. The design process can include some or all of the steps as seen in the second image.

Brisbane City Council Custom Bench Seats

This high-end bench seat has been made with a precast concrete base and Iron bark timber panels to create smooth lines that curve, giving the space a feeling of community and togetherness.

Uruguay BF200 Custom Refill Stations

Designed off the base of the BF200, this custom cold-water refill station was built with electronic sensor switches to safely offer hot water as well to allow locals to enjoy the traditional mate drink, the national beverage of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

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