Do you need to maximise your (limited) space for bicycle parking?

AS Urban sports a great range of compact bike racks that help make the most of your available space. These particularly include the Compact P2 and Compact P4 Bike Racks (for multiples of 4 or 2 bikes in straight or angled parking), coat-hanger-style bike racks5-bike racks, wall-mounted hanging bike racksScooter Racks and many other styles. 

The Compact P4 Bike Racks are an effective solution that maximises the amount of bike storage in the smallest space! Modular design allows you to set up the rack with access from only one side, or access from both sides and can be set up as angled bike parking to keep walkways clear.

Love your bike? The high/low hoops provide handlebar clearance for ease of parking your bike. The main 'P' leaning rail on the Compact P4 & P2 bike racks provide full support for the bicycle frame thus preventing any stress on the wheels and enabling the bike frame (not just the wheels) to be locked to the rack. Concealed fixings prevent thieves from unbolting the individual hoops, thus providing high-security bike parking to meet the requirements of AS2890.3. Standard in galvanised steel finish, you can continue adding modular sections to cater for as many bikes as you require.

The Coat Hanger Style bike racks also provide support for the bike frame.

AS2890.3 Class 3 bicycle racks are designed to:

  • Maximise security of a bike by allowing both the wheels and frame to be locked to the parking device using the cyclist’s own lock.
  • Minimise damage to the bike.

For an effective bike or scooter parking solution contact AS Urban today.

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