Urban+ is offering customers ownership options for drinking fountains. Select from the subscription, service & maintenance and ownership models.

Features and Benefits


The subscription model comes with a commitment to place once and never worry again. By subscribing with Urban+, you are only paying for the service of the product, Urban+ take on the responsibility of making it last a lifetime.

Why Subscription is Better

In a linear economy, drinking fountains are purchased, rarely maintained and then placed in landfill. In a circular economy, subscription creates a shift to create product that is built to last rather than designed for replacement.

By subscribing Urban+ will:

  • Install your drinking fountain
  • Take care of all of the maintenance of drinking fountains
  • Install upgrades if legislation changes (for example any watermark changes)
  • Keep fountains tidy, hygienic and in great shape to last longer

By subscribing you:

  • Keep fountains out of landfill and contribute to driving the circular economy
  • Never have to worry about installation or maintenance costs
  • Never have to buy new again

Service & Maintenance

The Urban+ service & maintenance model is designed to give asset owners the confidence Urban+ will keep their drinking fountains in great shape and extend the fountains life.

What is different from subscription:

  • Customers still purchase and own the fountain
  • If the drinking fountain is ever beyond repair, owners decide what they want to do with the asset

What is the Same as Subscription:

  • Everything else, we will take care of everything from installation, maintenance, changes to legislation, restoration and more


Purchase your built to last drinking fountain and enjoy. At any point you can join our service & maintenance model and remember to contact us for any restoration needs.

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