The Arqua Fountain, an advanced hi-tech drinking fountain, is now available with an integrated dog bubbler. The all-in-one fountain allows passers-by to take a drink, refill a 600 ml bottle, and even rehydrate their dog, with minimum fuss.

Street Furniture Australia has been continually refining the Arqua Fountain since its first release in 2006. More than 700 Arqua Fountains have been installed in schools, parks, transport hubs and on university campuses.
A number of new features make this innovative bubbler stand out. A button upgrade, now with teflon coating, creates a smoother pushing action; the integrated dog bubbler, activated by stepping on a paw print button, creates an instant water supply at ground-level, then drains the water to maintain hygiene; the fountain’s blade now curves in two directions, ensuring maximum strength in harsh conditions; extra strong hardware makes the fountain vandal-resistant; a unique nozzle design and fountain profile allows for easy refills of 600 ml bottles; optional marine-grade material ensures maximum performance by the sea.
Co-designer Darrel Conybeare says, “The Arqua Fountain is designed to display a jewel-like presence in its urban setting”. Available in a range of colours and finishes, the Arqua Fountain is a stylish yet practical addition to any urban landscape.
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