Public transport is a critical service within Surf Coast Shire, connecting the numerous suburbs within the shire and with nearby Geelong. No one wants to wait for a bus, unprotected from the elements in a region renowned for its ever-changing weather.

Surf Coast Shire Council understands this and engaged Furphy Foundry to manufacture and supply 10 new bus shelters across the council.

Council chose Furphy’s renowned Hume Bus Shelter (previously known as PSN), which is a common sight in over 300 locations around Australia.

Furphy’s new shelters replaced aging concrete and timber structures in and around Torquay, but also added new locations such as shopping centres, schools, sporting fields and beachside locations.

It is the sturdy construction and clever vandal-resistant design of the Hume that makes it a popular choice for high-use regional areas.

Rather than glass panels, the Hume features perforated steel mesh panels. The full sheet metal construction includes an ingenious, integrated, hot-dipped galvanised guttering system, which is hidden but allows water to drain off the roof, down the legs and out the rear of the shelter.

The front legs are adjustable for ease of installation in a sloping location and the roof features integrated lifting lugs so the shelter can be easily relocated if needed.

The standard seating is designed with armrests between seats as a deterrent for loitering. These features combine to make the Hume Bus Shelter the preferred choice for so many regional councils around Australia, seeking to minimise costly repairs due to vandalism.

Typical delivering time for a Hume Bus Shelter is four-six weeks.

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