If you’ve got an old tennis court, then why not take the opportunity to re-Surface-it! Synthetic grass sports courts can be laid over a plethora of existing substrates with minimal base adjustments and there is also scope to add other sports markings to turn your area into a multi-sports arena.

Multipurpose courts are growing in popularity and can be built in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally a standard tennis court is approximately 35m x 16m or 560m2-600m2 and as mentioned above the court can be marked and used for a number of sports. However, not everyone has this kind of space, so Surface-it have developed a smaller residential multi-sports package that can be installed on as little as 60m2 and which can be used for basketball or netball with hoops and posts included, or other sports including soccer and hockey practice with goal posts included.

Again the sport to be played will usually dictate the type of artificial grass to be used, but Surface-it do have a couple of products that will allow for multiple activities. All white lines can be custom installed to suit and if more than one sport requires lines then multiple coloured fake grass lines will be applied.

The Surface-it package offered can be as complex or as simple as our client’s requirement, as well as the synthetic turf component, fencing and lighting can also be included in any installation. For tennis courts Surface-it offer a range of sand-filled surfaces ranging from the Leisure Tennis surface to the Pro-Hit range all of which offer a variety of speeds and a different playing experience.

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