by TigerTurf

As the interest in golf throughout the world continues to rise with the “TIGER” phenomenon, there is now a growing demand for maintenance free home synthetic golf greens.

Bring golf home and turn unused areas into a focal point of your backyard.  A synthetic golf green is virtually maintenance free.  It is free draining, making it playable in any weather, all year round.

Tiger Turf Golf Range 

•        True and consistent golf greens

•        Specialist surround chipping turf

•        Driving range turf

•        Drive range mats

Improve your game with TigerTurf


A short pile durable putting carpet, designed to be glued onto the base of mini putt courses.


A premium short pile turf specifically designed for residential golf greens. It provides both a true roll and a speed which is ideal for smaller home greens. Very low maintenance required.


A short pile turf designed to be glued onto hard base surfaces, such as wooden decks, concrete or asphalt.

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