Soltis 86 outdoor blind mesh from manufacturer Serge Ferrari and supplier Rainbow Shade is a premium solar protection fabric that offers excellent UV block, glare control and longevity. This fire-retardant European-made fabric has 16 percent openness, offering a great balance of solar protection and view preservation.

Manufactured to strict quality control measures, Soltis 86 outdoor blind mesh from Serge Ferrari has a proven reputation for lasting in the harsh Australian sun. Soltis 86 has been used throughout Australia for a wide variety of high-end commercial outdoor blind and awning shade systems.

The most important part of any outdoor blind system is the quality of the fabric used. Rainbow Shade has been supplying high-quality outdoor fabrics for more than 20 years.

The company’s Serge Ferrari Soltis range of outdoor blind materials is among the market leaders for performance and longevity. An outdoor blind using Soltis blind mesh will act as a thermal shield to protect homes or commercial properties from the damaging Australian sun.

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