The Serge Ferrari range is a high-quality waterproof architectural PVC fabric for use in a variety of tension membrane applications. This fabric is suited for large-scale commercial waterproof shade structures, such as carpark shade.

Serge Ferrari products are durable and offer constant high performance throughout their useful lives.

Designed for shade sails, Serge Ferrari 502 is a highly weather-resistant membrane designed to last for years. It protects against bad weather and UV rays. Available in 40 colours, this fabric affords creative freedom and is particularly suitable for use as waterproof shade.

The fabric comes in three grades: 502 for small to medium applications; 702 for medium to large applications; and 902 for large-scale commercial waterproof tension membrane structures.

Thanks to Précontraint technology, these materials acquire unique properties in terms of resistance, dimensional stability and light weight, eliminating deformation due to load and offering a longer life.

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