The new Coopers Alehouse at Gepps Cross has recently undergone a massive renovation, including a complete revamp of their outdoor entertainment area. In order to enable patron’s to use this large outdoor area year-round, a massive 100 square metre retractable roof was installed. The Retractable Roof creates valuable commercial space during the wetter months and can be opened up to let the sun and warmth in when required.

The Retractable Roof has completely transformed the outside area, allowing flexible options for using the outside space. When retracted back, the alfresco area is cool and open, allowing natural light and a clear view of the sky. The roof can then be extended when required, allowing 100% rain protection and for guests to continue enjoying the outdoor environment.

The roof system includes a retractable PVC fabric, supported by structural aluminium cross battens. The roof system has large section rafters which enable the system to span 8.0m front to back unsupported. The system is 16m wide and utilises twin Somfy motors coupled together to generate the torque required to extend and retract the roof system.

The Retractable Roof is available in a range of colours with optional gutters, dimmable LED lighting and framework finishes.

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