Landmark is proud to announce a NEW range of modern shelters; the all-steel cantilever King Series.

This range of shelters have been designed as kit-form modular units and are easily connected alongside each other providing unlimited continuous#1 shade. All standard designs have third party pre-engineering to W41 non cyclonic regions so the hard work is complete. These kit form cantilever designs allow less on site disturbance and greater site safety. The modern bolt below slab two post design gives this range enormous benefits including:

  • Less restrictions on passage ways and flows of movement, particularly for mobility impairments,
  • A greater view range,
  • A higher use of shade with less post restrictions and,
  • No trip hazards with bolt below slab installation.

The King range comes in two roof variations for more option flexibility, the K650 series is designed with custom orb roofing for a traditional roof at lower cost, and the K660 series has a 50mm insulated roof panel. The Insulated panel has greater structural performance than custom orb which means it has longer spans unsupported, so less purlins are required. It provides a cooler direct sunlight shade zone and having a flat white underside it provides low maintenance and easy cleaning to the underside of the roof.

The pre-engineered standard range is available in a number of size options.

Our all-steel cantilever King Series can also be modified by size, roof pitch, post type, angle, aesthetical features and higher structural ratings. We can also custom engineer for your site-specific application to provide the optimum shade solution.

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