Adelaide Shores Caravan Park is a popular tourist destination, providing excellent facilities for families and travellers. The Park prides itself on the provision of quality amenities and play spaces. In 2016 they completely redeveloped the existing swimming pool, creating a state-of-the-art lagoon pool.

The construction of the sails proved to be a rewarding challenge for Shadeform. In designing a new shade structure for the pool, the client wanted to re-use, where possible, as many of the existing shade sails that covered the previously smaller pool in its original format. Three new shade sails also had to be designed to cover the wider expanse of pool.

As the proposed shade structure required engineering as a whole entity, all existing shade sail columns had to be demolished and new footings installed. New columns for the existing sails then had to be erected on the new footings with the main challenge being that in order for the existing sails to fit, the columns had to go back in exactly the same place. The footings were constructed as large pads for the water table due to the coastal location with sandy ground that is not suitable for bored piers.

The result is a stunning, vibrant and practical shade structure, providing patrons with excellent shade provision and a pleasant environment. The Monotec 370 Shadecloth Sails provides the ultimate in durability, utilising only the very best Australian manufactured materials and fittings.

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