The Swimming Pool at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills is a popular facility for local people and families to swim, socialise and relax. The Pool prides itself for the amenities and services it provides to the local community in the Adelaide Hills region. The use of the pool has been at the mercy of the sun during the summer months with the communities enjoyment of these excellent facilities being restricted by the sun’s extreme heat and UV rays.

Shadeform was engaged to design, manufacture and install this eye-catching and functional sail. Using the latest 3D modelling software Shadeform was able to model the sail and provides an accurate shading footprint for the client’s approval.

Manufactured in vividly coloured Monotec 370 fabric, this sail provide essential UV protection to users of the pool and provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to the facility. The posts supporting the sail feature Shadeform’s Sail Post Safety Pads which are available in a range of colours and provide protection from collision in public areas.

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