Kenworth is an Australian company that builds trucks that are safe, robust and reliable. Their factory in Melbourne previously used a conventional warm air heating system, which was inefficient and expensive to run. To increase efficiency and reduce costs Celmec’s gas fired Tube Radiant Heaters (TRH) were installed above the factory floor. 
The area of the factory that required heating spanned 6000m2 with a high ceiling. Twelve TRH UP9 units and six TRH UP12 units were installed to provide even, comfortable warmth. When analysing the gas usage of the previous warm air system verses the TRH system over a 1000 hour period, it was estimated that the business saved over $30, 000 on gas alone.
These units are easy to install, quiet to run and require minimal maintenance. Careful engineering and manufacturing has lead to a product that is extremely efficient, whilst allowing product longevity. Celmec’s TRH units are manufactured in Australia and are approved by the Australian Gas Association. 
TRH units are available in a range of sizes ranging from 53MJ/h- 170MJ/h and floor coverage of up to 180m2, depending on the model and application. A range of controls can be employed to further enhance efficient operations, including zone and thermostatic control. For further information please contact Celmec International via 

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