The outdoor dining area at the Hunters Hill Hotel has been fitted with Celmec’s Heatray TRH units to heat the large, exposed outdoor space. These TRH units emit radiant heat that warms objects and people below with the potential to heat (depending on model and application) between 35 to 180 square meters.

Heatray TRH units are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and have been granted an exemption regarding the recently imposed minimum mounting height for gas radiant heaters. Currently in all states other than New South Wales, the minimum mounting height for gas radiant heaters has been increased to 3500mm above floor level; NSW minimum mounting height remains at 2500mm which has been the National standard until now. Following stringent testing and the success of TRH in harsh and difficult to heat conditions, Heatray TRH (106Mj/h and under*) are now approved by Energy Safe Victoria along with several other states for installations below 3500mm down to 2700mm, provided the unit if fitted with special protective mesh guards designed by Celmec.

Alongside the TRH units, Celmec’s Heatray ERH units, mounted using ceiling mounts, provide highly efficient radiant heat to the balcony overlooking the outdoor area. These units are silent, clean and emission free.


Tube Radiant Heaters (TRH), Electric Radiant Heaters (ERH)

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