Natural rope and timber materials encourage children to interact and play using their senses to discover new shapes and experiences. Omnitech’s Timber units are proudly Australian made and are built using strong durable, locally sourced materials, to ensure these units can withstand even the harshest of outdoor environments.

Inspired by nature, this unit is a fantastic source of inspiration for physical activity. Designed by Omnitech Playground’s in-house design team, this timber play space has been developed to excite and attract all children. This piece of equipment has over twelve different types play activities, fostering continuous and stimulating play. The playground features a high 2x2 deck with a double slide, and plenty of climbing activities. The larger deck space provides a platform for imaginative play and social interaction with its multi-level play areas.

Adding a whole new dimension of fun, the main feature of this playground is a large OmniRope spidernet. Through climbing, swinging, swaying and hanging this rope system caters for a range of play abilities to help develop both upper and lower body strength and co-ordination, as well as creating social opportunities for the kids.

This new play space has been designed to blend in seamlessly with the natural environment of the park. Situated on top of a hill the extra height from the playground provides incredible views of the surrounding areas. The playground provides multi-dimensions of play activity that have been keeping the local community very happy.

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