Available in timber or steel, post-and-deck-style equipment is designed for a wide variety of age groups and applications. The Play Works has set combinations for you to choose from. Alternatively, these pieces can be combined in an endless number of ways, custom-designed to suit your individual needs.

The Play Works’ range includes access, bridging and overhead activities, slides, panels and interactive items, using materials such as steel-core rope, steel, aluminium,  and roto-moulded and HDPE plastics. The posts and decks can be made from aluminium, steel or hardwood timber. All timber posts have a galvanised-steel footing, giving these structures a sophisticated look and while preventing any inherent issues with installing timber in-ground.

The Flexideck Early Childhood play system is specially designed for early childhood environments to help teachers and carers make the most of their children’s play experience. These products emerged from a collaboration with early childhood teachers and professionals, with a focus on play as a natural learning process, fundamental to early childhood education.

Flexidecks have large play spaces for stories, games and dramatic play. Designed to last, they are manufactured using powdercoated galvanised steel frames and hardwood decks. These features also ensure easy linkage with existing flexible equipment, such as planks, trestles and ladders.

The great strength of the Flexideck system is in the add-on activities. The panels, climbing and bridging activities can be changed to create a new interest or to accommodate developing skill levels. With the wide variety of activities available, the possibilities are endless.

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The Play Works has over 25 years of expertise in designing and building playgrounds