Children love pretending to drive, sail or fly. The world of imagination enables the child to go wherever he or she wants. A broad range of exciting, manipulative components enhance play activities on these products and ensure endless hours of imagination.

This range includes:

Steam Engine
The driver's cab features a bench, various knobs and handles for steering the train, whilst the boiler house in front is the shape of an amazing cave with several entrances. A smart addition is the open playroom with seating for two, which is snugly situated just behind the chimney.

Mini Car
Where do you want to go? This friendly little car is spacious enough to hold six children. Perhaps a holiday trip, a journey to work or just visiting friends - whatever the destination, the Mini Car is ready to drive children anywhere they want to go. This little blue car is equipped with a steering wheel that makes an exciting sound when turned from side to side, and a gear stick, as well as movable indicator lights made of strong synthetic material.

Climby Shifter
Here you'll find play and climbing for hours for boys and girls! The destination is the rattling antenna on top. Who will get there first? This is real training of the spatial sense. On one side you can choose climbing wall grips, on the other you have holes, and on the third side a rope ladder. Horizontal climbing is possible too, when you climb through the holes, which also make contact between all three sides of the Climby Shifter possible. The floors are slightly slanting, thus presenting a great challenge to the sense of balance!

Pirate Ship
The waves seem to be splashing across the decks of the good ship as it sails over the playground with the crew busily involved in all kinds of exciting games. This play ship has many decks, two steering wheels, a slide, a climbing net, a staircase, a hammock and two masts with flag - an inspirational play environment where many captains and mates of different ages can set sail together on a sea of imagination.

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