Imaginations soar when children are offered the chance to build their own play experiences through themed spaces. The Adventure, Town, Bushwood, SkyTowers and Sketch series offer a vast array of themes.

Speak to Moduplay’s Play Design Consultants about customised themes to suit your site.


Moduplay Adventure is where the imagination of children is fired up and they play out the life roles they dream about.

Sail a ship or drive a fire truck. Pilot a biplane or command a fortress.


Moduplay Sketch is designed to allow children’s imaginations to run wild!

With colourful and customisable themes and our unique manufacturing capabilities, this unit could act as the perfect centrepiece or crowning jewel for any play space.  With its small footprint and accessible design, it serves as a great unit for kids of all ages to play and have fun.


No matter which Skytower you choose, it is guaranteed to be the centrepiece of your new playground and become a landmark for all park visitors.

Big, open viewing panels feature on every design, making the most of the soaring height of the towers. Exhilarating spiral slides are some of the tallest you will ever see!


Children get plenty of scope for roleplay and imaginary play with Moduplay Town. The unique design of the small buildings allows the children to feel enclosed but remain on full view to carers.

Small bikes and trikes can move around the roads and life-like road signs teach basic road skills.

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