Children have the natural urge to move, jump, balance and climb, and push their physical boundaries. Richter Spielgeräte’s range of physical activity equipment provides kids of all ages with physical challenges to get them up and moving, and working on their motor skills.


Play that offers balancing challenges encourages kids to develop their motor and cognitive skills.


Children have a natural urge to climb. More than any other kind of physical activity, climbing stimulates self-perception, promotes the ability to make decisions, supports concentration, trains spatial perception and promotes self-confidence.


Kids love to jump and Richter has an extensive range of equipment that encourages this activity in unique and exciting ways. It appears to be a basic need of children to change the position of their body in a playful way. If this change happens by an unexpected, unforeseeable movement of the play equipment or the co-player, and if this is connected with a certain risk, the experience becomes particularly exciting.


The sensation of speed while whizzing from one point to another is great fun for children and young people alike.


Seesawing has tremendous appeal for children. Richter’s seesaws are available in different designs with gentle play for the little ones and challenging play for the older ones.


Children need opportunities to swing during the course of their development. Swinging is relaxing and promotes joy. Richter’s diverse range of swings represents a generation-spanning product portfolio and offers an exciting experience for kids.


Turning around in circles and experiencing the feeling of physical change is something that children seek out and introduce into their play. This childlike need is reflected in Richter’s range of products that provide the experience of rotating, turning, whirling, flying and centrifugal force.

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