Imagination Play are the exclusive suppliers of the Norwell Outdoor Fitness range. It has a premium look and finish, accompanied by phone apps to help identify machines and their locations.

Every detail is well thought out, from the high level of functionality and usability to ensure maximum benefits for the users, to the aesthetic Danish design making it easy to place in any environment.

A Norwell Outdoor Fitness park also gives important social benefits. By promoting improvement, social integration and fun fitness, a Norwell fitness park becomes a natural and intergenerational meeting point for people of all walks of life. Special tools have been created to maximize the benefits of using our fitness stations including: Fitness guides, Apps and QR codes, giving access to exercises and training videos.

The main element - the curve - creates a lightness and transparency of construction, and combined with our use of glass-blasted stainless steel, it makes a Norwell Outdoor Fitness park very suitable for all locations.

The Norwell range has been developed in collaboration with fitness and physiology experts and specialists.

Units are carefully designed so that users use their own body weight as resistance and are deliberately not adjustable to avoid over exertion injuries and ensure that they cannot be easily vandalised.

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