The new playground at Meade Park, Allawah, is a colourful and accessible community hub that is an investment by Georges River Council into the welfare of the children and families in the area.

The Moduplay design considerations include adaptable play opportunities, universally designed pathways and gates, and accessible play equipment and furniture, along with multiple seating options and passive areas away from activity zones for rest and quiet play.

The project caters for all ages and abilities, with activity zones that provide subtle separations for toddlers. For the young and inquisitive, a sensory-focused play zone with stimulating and imaginative activities allows for social play and sensory learning. Features include an infinity mirror, voice tubes, an inclusive saucer, and a Zulu inclusive rocker and car rocker.

For older children, the central area boasts an accessible multi-play climbing unit with interactive elements at ground level, such as mounded trampolines and an all-access carousel. This area includes play stations with graduated challenges. Adaptable play opportunities are facilitated with the Bushwood Tropicana Bungalo and balance trail in a side garden area, surrounded by multiple pause points for caregivers and children to take a moment to rest.

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