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Play areas are where kid’s imaginations ignite. Knee grazes and tumbles are part of discovery and learning about their limits. The balance of realistic risk with safety, fun, aesthetics and affordability, as well as the ability to withstand even the toughest environments, are extremely important when choosing a safety surface. 

When it comes to choosing a safety surface, landscape architects can’t go on cost alone. A cheaper product is unlikely to last as long as a premium product or meet the necessary safety standards. As the saying goes: “You get what you pay for”.


The lifespan of a safety surface should be a landscape architect’s top priority. Of course, the specified product has to fit the client’s budget. But beyond that and safety specs, client satisfaction will come from how durable the surface is and how long it lasts.

Surfaces Designs’ Rosehill TPV® is the recognised brand for the ultimate coloured rubber granule produced by Rosehill Polymers. Made from premium virgin polymers and combined with the highest possible UV stabilised pigments to maintain its colour under the harsh Australian sun, Rosehill TPV® looks better and lasts longer.


As surfaces age, their performance, aesthetics and safety features suffer. Many aged rubber surfaces feel rough to touch. This means a rougher surface for children to fall on, increasing the risk of injury.

Premium products like Rosehill TPV® don’t harden or cause embrittlement over time, so they stay as safe and comfortable as the day they were laid.


Don’t just accept the marketing spiel – when comparing safety surfaces request:

  • Lab results of durability studies
  • Specific product specs
  • Installation instructions
  • Maintenance and repair recommendations


While a premium product may cost more initially, it will cost far less to maintain compared to other products, such as loose-fill materials or tiles. Why? Because advanced technology, research and development has been invested in the premium product to produce a surface that will go the distance.

Of course, proper maintenance will help extend the surface lifespan. This includes regularly checking for wear and tear, keeping the surface clear of debris, and immediately fixing any damage. Specifiers should also follow the manufacturers’ maintenance inspection recommendations.


No playground surface is perfect. And no material will last forever. That’s why landscape architects should only provide clients with the most durable material that meets industry standards and fits within their budget.

What’s the secret to selecting a safety surface? Invest in a time-tested product and insist that only experienced installers put it in place. Then landscape architects can be confident that their specified surface (and their business reputation) stands the test of time.

To learn more about Rosehill TPV® and why it’s the choice of specialised installers and architects globally, contact Surface Designs via the links below. They are the exclusive distributor of Rosehill Polymer products for Australia and New Zealand.

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