Comprehensive Annual, Post Installation & Operational Inspections

As independent consulting engineers and highly qualified RPII Inspectors, we provide inspection and asset services for local and regional authorities, schools, childcare centres, shopping centres and private stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand. We certify to AS 4685:2004, AS 4685:2014, NZS 5828, EN 1176, AS/NZS 4486.1 or local equivalent as required.

As independent play safety engineers, we do not favour a particular supplier, undertake repairs, or recommend rectifications based on a conflict of interest. As a result, unbiased reporting allows clients to effectively track issues, warranty claims and other product or activity based issues in order to mitigate and resolve problems quickly and without dispute.

In an analysis of client data over the past 25 years, over 80% of issues identified during annual inspections of facilities could have been rectified at specification or post-installation stages. This staggering amount of non-compliance and maintenance issues, when mitigated, results in a significant reduction in both risk to end-users and maintenance budget requirements.

Consulting Coordination inspections provide a certification - pending rectification where necessary, ensuring in the event of an incident, facilities have been engineering certified as compliant with the relevant standard. This provides the highest level of legal protection available.

In addition, independent annual inspection assists in meeting the requirements for asset maintenance management within LGAs - Australian Accounting Standard 27 (AAS 27) “Financial Reporting by Local Governments.”

Existing Facilities

Inspection of existing facilities are carried out to current Standards, (i.e. AS 4685:2014, AS 3533.4.2, AS/NZS 5828:2004) and to the standard to which they were installed. This ensures that not only are any current risks documented, but also that over-reporting does not occur.

Equipment installed prior to the new standards should be made compliant to the standard they were installed under, and a risk assessment should be conducted regularly to identify any areas that should be mitigated to current standards.

Product knowledge

As the most experienced and trusted independent certifier of play equipment and surfacing in the Asia Pacific Region; we pride ourselves on providing product range and custom certification for major equipment and surfacing manufacturers in Australian and New Zealand. As a result our product knowledge is second to none, and all inspectors are completely familiar with all manner of equipment and surfacing, ensuring mis-identification of risk does not occur.

Surface Impact Testing

As Independent Consulting Engineers, we provide testing and certification of playground surfacing materials to AS/NZS 4422:1996, NZS 5828:2004, EN 1177:2008 and ASTM F1292-09. Testing to other standards can be undertaken by request.

Progress Inspections & Construction Management 

An extension of our base services, we provide on-site advice and standards based resolutions to mitigate risks that may arise mid project, ensuring practical completion and handover can take place.

Equal Access Inspection & Certification

Since 2003 we have provided certification and mitigations of accessibility for open space and playground design, onsite inspection to AS 1428, as well as tailored advice on Accessible play.

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